Lexy Campbell’s Porfolio

A Biology and Rhetoric, Writing, and Information Design (RWID) senior portfolio. Work is compromised of writings, personal projects, and multimodal pieces composed while studying at Emory University.

About: Lexy is a graduating senior at Emory University. She is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania which is a city located in the heart of Amish Country. Lexy is from a large family and has a twin sister and two older step siblings. Her childhood experiences were filled with curiosity and instilled in her the love of science, discovery, and learning.

Professionally, Lexy has previous experience in biotech industry, trauma and acute care research, fertility research, and quality improvement. Recently, she completed her senior honor’s thesis with highest honors on the association betwen cardiometabolic risk factors and related methylation risk scores in a cohort of in-vitro fertilization patients.

She is passionate about health equity and sharing stories related to news in healthcare, science, and nature. In the future, she is interested in working in the healthcare industry through quality improvement and research. Further in the future, she is considering becoming a physician.

Works and Writing

In my writing portfolio, advocacy, academics, and aspirations intertwine to form a cohesive narrative of personal and intellectual growth.


Advocacy involves championing causes surrounding health and well-being within educational settings and beyond, fostering empowerment and inclusivity


Academics encompasses the pursuit of knowledge and scholarly endeavors, including coursework, research, and rhetorical analysis to expand understanding.


Aspirations center on personal and professional goals, driving me to envision my future trajectory. This category will serve as a place for future professional works.

“In all my work, what I try to say is that as human beings, we are more alike than we are unalike”

Maya Angelou

American Memoirist