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Advocacy involves championing causes surrounding health and wellbeing within educational settings and beyond, fostering empowerment and inclusivity. Click the Advocacay Button to read more!

Featured Work:

I was interviewed with Inside HigherEd about my experience working on the Student-Wellbeing Advisory Committe and my perspective on student well-being and perfectionist culture at Emory University. This article discusses Emory University’s campaign aimed at addressing perfectionism among college students, recognizing it as a significant mental health concern. Through initiatives like workshops and discussions, Emory seeks to create a campus culture that promotes well-being and healthy attitudes toward success.

Academics encompasses the pursuit of knowledge and scholarly endeavors, including coursework, research, and rhetorical analysis to expand understanding. Click the Academics Button to read more!

Featured Work:

First-Year Eagle award winning paper: Camouflaged. This paper explores camouflage as concealment on several levels: from peppered moths evolving pigmented specks to blend into a sooty post-industrial environment—to its definition of “misleading someone or disguising from the truth” (OED). She comments here on fake news and on politicians disguising the harm of climate catastrophe to create a false sense of security. 

Aspirations center on personal and professional goals, driving me to envision my future trajectory. This category will serve as a place for future professional works. Click the Aspirations Button to read more!

Featured Work:

This slide deck is the final presentation I gave to the internship leadership team. It sums up my accomplishments and the work I completed while interning at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the Center for Healthcare Quality and Analytics. Specifically, I highlight a few of my favorite projects, including Child Abuse Screening and Zero Suicide initiatives.